Colloidal Nanoplasmonics for biomedical applications

The BioNanoPlasmonics Laboratory at CIC biomaGUNE is led by Prof. Luis M. Liz-Marzán. Our research activity is focused on the synthesis and formation mechanisms of (plasmonic) metal nanoparticles with controlled composition, size and morphology; the creation of colloidal composites, including functionalized carbon nanostructures and Janus particles; nanostructured thin films and nanoparticle ordered arrays in one, two and three dimensions; the optical characterization of nanoparticles and their assemblies; and the use of metal nanoparticles as biosensors.


Recent publications

Watching the disruption of nanorod assemblies

SERS for pH sensing in living cells and in 3D

3D-printed SERS substrates

Supramolecular synchronization for chiral plasmonics

A huge library of SERS tags

Tiny Ag nanorods and nanomatches

Influence of single crystalline defects on plasmon resonances

Micelle-directed growth of chiral Au nanorods

Amplified emission from perovskite nanocrystal arrays

SERS used to monitor cancer metabolism


Latest News


Luis Liz-Marzán awarded Lilly Prize on Biomedical Research


New video released on EUSMI collaboration project


Growth of chiral Au nanorods published in Science!


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