The BioNanoPlasmonics Lab is a partner of the following networks:


Ongoing Collaborations with Research Groups

Nanoparticle Synthesis and SERS Biodetection

Isabel Pastoriza-Santos / Jorge Pérez-Juste .- Functional NanoBioMaterials Group, University of Vigo, Spain

Electron Tomography and EELS Plasmon Mapping
Sara Bals .- EMAT, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Nanostructures and Nanoscale Chirality
Nicholas A. Kotov .- Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan , U.S.A.

Plasmonics Modeling
F. Javier García de Abajo .- Nanophotonics Theory Group, Institute of Photonic Sciences, Barcelona (ICFO), Spain

Nanoparticle patterning
Agustín Mihi .- Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC), Spain

Interaction of Nanoparticles with Biosystems
Wolfgang Parak.- Biophotonics Group, University of Hamburg and CIC biomaGUNE

Optical forces on nanoparticles
Johan Hofkens .- Laboratory for Photochemistry and Spectroscopy, KU Leuven, Belgium

DFT modeling of surface energies
Nùria López .- ICIQ Tarragona, Spain

Plasmon Mapping by EELS
Mathieu Kociak .- STEM/LPS (CNRS), Orsay, France

Cancer metabolism
Arkaitz Carracedo .- Cancer Cell Signaling and Metabolism Lab, CIC bioGUNE, Bilbao

Ultrafast lasers and plasmonic effects
Andres Guerrero-Martinez .- Nanochemistry Group, Complutense University of Madrid

DNA self-assembly
Chad Mirkin .- Northwestern University, USA

Liquid crystals and self-assembly
Wiktor Lewandowski .- University of Warsaw, Poland

High pressure and spectroscopy
Fernando Rodríguez .- Universidad de Cantabria, Spain